Inyo County is a county in the eastern central part of California, located between the Sierra Nevada mountains and the state of Nevada. As of the 2010 census, the population was 18,546.[5] The county seat is Independence.[7]

Inyo County is on the east side of the Sierra Nevada and southeast of Yosemite National Park in Central California. It contains the Owens River Valley; it is flanked to the west by the Sierra Nevada and to the east by the White Mountains and the Inyo Mountains. With an area of 10,192 square miles (26,397 km2), Inyo County is the second-largest county by area in California, after San Bernardino County. Almost one-half of that area is within Death Valley National Park. However, with a population density of 1.8 people per square mile, it also has the second-lowest population density in California, after Alpine County.

Type: Regional Film Office Umbrella Agency: Inyo County

Langley, Chris
Film Commissioner, Inyo County Film Commission
701 S Main Street, P.O. Box 99, Lone Pine, CA 93545
760.876.9909 phone 2
760.937.1189 - PRIMARY mobile
760.876.9910 fax


Inyo County Film Commission is a member of FLICS (Film Liaisons in California, Statewide) a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the best professional level of service to the production community. The California Film Commission (CFC) coordinates with the over 60 Regional Film Offices to help promote and facilitate filming throughout California. Regional Film Office Partners support productions that wish to film in a local region. They operate as part of their jurisdiction's chamber of commerce, county, city, or convention and visitors bureau. Regional Film Office Partners have a knowledge of production and will coordinate film location activities when a production company wishes to film in their area. We recommend that your first call should be to the local Regional Film Office Partner. It could save you a lot of time, money, and energy. >> 6.13.2012 lm/ 7.16.14 eg / 10.7.15 / 12.11.2015 lb / 12.21.2016 lb / 10.19 & 23.2018 / 11.4.2019 / 4.22. & 23.2020 lm

35 Locations

Location ID Address
Alabama Hills B L M 1082 Whitney Portal Road,, Lone Pine, CA
Alabama Hills, Dirt Road 1515 Movie Road, Lone Pine, CA
Amargosa Opera House, Hotel & Cafe 10053387 State Line Rd, Death Valley Junction, CA
Artist Drive - Death Valley - Highway 168 7370 Artists Drive, Death Valley, CA
Badwater - Death Valley National Park 2412 Death Valley, Badwater, CA
Ballarat Ghost Town 4321 Ballarat Rd, Ballarat, CA
Bishop 2414 Bishop, CA
Buttermilks 1083 Hwy 395, Bishop, CA
Buttermilks, Dirt Road 1513 Off Highway 168, Bishop, CA
Darwin Ghost Town 4363 Darwin Road, Darwin, CA
Darwin Mine 1931 Darwin, CA
Death Valley National Park 2513 Highway 190, Death Valley, CA
Dolomite Ghost Town & F W Aggregates Dolomite... 201 2050 Dolomite Loop Road, Lone Pine, CA
Eastern Sierra Regional Airport (Bishop Airport) 1364 300 Mandich St, Bishop, CA
Eastern Sierra Tri-County Fairgrounds 652 Sierra St, Bishop, CA
Eureka Valley Road 1523 Eureka Valley Road, Bishop, CA
Eureka Valley Road 7374 Bishop, CA
Furnace Creek Inn & Resort @ Death Valley Nat... 475 Highway 190, Death Valley, CA
Furnace Creek Ranch Resort - RV Park & Camgro... 10100147 328 Greenland Blvd., Death Valley, CA
Hidden Valley Ranch 2014 Lone Pine, CA
Highway 190 4272 US Rte 190 Olancha to Death Valley National Park, Death Valley, CA
Inyo County Airport 2050 703 Airport rd, Bishop, CA
Inyo County Courthouse - Judicial Council 719 168 North Edwards, Independence, CA
Keeler 2797 Rt 136, Keeler, CA
Laws Railroad Museum 1456 Silver Canyon Rd, Laws, CA
Lone Pine 2733 Highway 395, Lone Pine, CA
Lone Pine Airport 1365 US-395 & CA-136, Lone Pine, CA
Mt. Whitney 1087 Lone Pine, CA
Owens Dry Lake 1070 Near Highway 395, Olancha, CA
Ranch Motel 4873 US Route 395, Olancha, CA
Red Hill Cinder Cone / Red Hill Mine Quarry -... 10134110 1000 Cinder Rd, Olancha, CA
Round Valley Road 1492 Off Highway 395, Alta Vista, CA
Rustic Motel 4871 US Route 395, Olancha, CA
Sabrina Lake & Trails - White Mountain Ranger... 1690 Hwy 168, Bishop, CA
Scottys Castle - Death Valley National Park -... 1173 Death Valley National Park, Death Valley, CA