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Del Norte County is a county located at the far northwest corner of the U.S. state of California, along the Pacific Ocean adjacent to the Oregon border. Del Norte is the shortened Spanish nickname for "the land of the north" (la tierra del norte). Despite its Spanish etymology, official pronunciation of the name is to drop the trailing "e" and simply say "Del Nort." Del Norte County comprises the Crescent City, CA. The rural county is notable for forests containing giant Coast Redwoods, with some attaining heights over 350 feet (110 m). This northernmost county on the California coast also has scores of unique plants and flowers, dozens of species of coastal birds and fish, rocky primitive beaches and sea stacks, pristine rivers, and historic lighthouses. Del Norte is also known among Bigfoot enthusiasts as the location of the famous Patterson-Gimlin film, as well as being the location of some of the forest scenes used in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. >>>>,_California

Type: County Umbrella Agency: Del Norte County

Hesseltine, Cassandra
Film Commissioner, Humboldt - Del Norte Film Commission
520 E Street, Eureka, CA 95501
707.443.4488 phone 1
707.502.0018 mobile


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