San Bernardino County Economic Development Agency specializes in obtaining film permits for the entertainment industry. Our dedication to the working at the speed of business is priority one. We provide answers and solutions to the impossible. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are hallmarks of our service.

Permit Coordination
We will coordinate your film permit by phone or email. Our team of film permit experts will expedite a concise application, provide you with the necessary insurance and film permit requirements, solve any problems, keep you up to date of the process, and deliver the permit in a timely manner.

Type: Regional Film Office

Umbrella Agency: San Bernardino County

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Carter, Monique
Economic Development Coordinator, San Bernardino County - Economic Development Agency
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The California Film Commission (CFC) coordinates with the over 60 Regional Film Offices to help promote and facilitate filming throughout California. Regional Film Office Partners support productions that wish to film in a local region. They operate as part of their jurisdiction's chamber of commerce, county, city, or convention and visitors bureau. Regional Film Office Partners have a knowledge of production and will coordinate film location activities when a production company wishes to film in their area. We recommend that your first call should be to the local Regional Film Office Partner. It could save you a lot of time, money, and energy. // created 7.15.2015 / 9.17.2015 lm / 10.8.2015 lb / 12.8.2015 lm / 12.11.15 lb / 4.19.2016 lb / 12.23.2016 lb / 4.17.2017 lb / 6.26.2017 / 12.5.2017 lm / 12.21.2017 lb / 4.30.2018 / 10.23.2018 / 8.16.2019 lm

129 Location Results

Air Operations - Southern...
2474 1150 South Vineyard Avenue, Ontario, CA
Auto Club Speedway
7514 9300 Cherry Ave, Fontana, CA
Bagdad Café
10041827 46548 National Trails Hwy, Newberry Springs, CA
Barstow Area - Agricultur...
10041289 Barstow, CA
Barstow Historic Harvey House
10041300 681 N. First Avenue, Barstow, CA
Barstow Old Iron Bridge
10025459 Route 66, Barstow, CA
Bear Creek at Bear Valley Dam
2973 Bear Creek at Bear Valley Dam, Big Bear Lake, CA
Bristol Dry Lake - Bureau...
1068 South of Amboy, Amboy, CA
Cable Airport
10028629 1749 W.13th Street, Upland, CA
Cadiz Dunes Wilderness
10099842 Salt Evaporator Plan Road, Twentynine Palms, CA
Calico Dry Lake BLM
2641 Ghost Town Road, Barstow, CA
Calico Ghost Town - Odess...
202 36600 Ghost Town Road, Yermo, CA
California State Universi...
887 5500 University Pkwy, San Bernardino, CA
Camp Oaks, Lake Williams
2997 Monte Vista Drive, Big Bear Lake, CA
Carousel Mall - CLOSED
10038536 295 Carousel Mall, San Bernardino, CA
Chateau Rideau, Cabin
1888 41375 Valley of the Falls Drive, Forest Falls, CA
Chino - Traffic Circles
124 Chino, CA
Chino Airport aka Cal Aer...
1380 7000 Merrill Ave, Chino, CA
Chino Hills State Park (SP)
7924 4721 Sapphire Road, Chino Hills, CA
City of Barstow
10025460 220 E. Mt. View Ave., Barstow, CA
Coello Desert Land - Area 52
10143989 FT. Irwin Road @ Starbright Mine Rd, Barstow, CA
Coyote Dry Lake - Bureau ...
1067 Paradise Springs Road, Barstow, CA
Daily Transit Mix
10145453 40901 Paradise View Rd, Barstow, CA
Dumont Dunes - Bureau of ...
1094 Hwy 127, Baker, CA
El Mirage Dry Lake - Bure...
1066 El Mirage Rd, Adelanto, CA
Fairfield Inn & Suites Tw...
10025100 6333 Encelia Ave, Twentynine Palms, CA
4269 North Shore Drive, Fawnskin, CA
Fawnskin Old Tyme Store Front
10142704 39210 North Shore Dr, Fawnskin, CA
Fiscalini Field
1244 1007 East Highland, San Bernardino, CA
Forest Service 2N11B Lookout
3057 End of 2N11B, Big Bear Lake, CA
Forest Service Road 1N54 ...
2913 Forest Service Road 1N54 East Fork, Big Bear Lake, CA
Forest Service Road 1N54 ...
2914 Forest Service Road 1N54 South of 2N10, Big Bear Lake, CA
Forest Service Road 2N10 ...
2918 Forest Service Road 2N10 East of 2N86, Big Bear Lake, CA
Forest Service Road 2N10 ...
2923 Forest Service Road 2N10 Heliport Area, Big Bear Lake, CA
Forest Service Road 2N10 ...
2924 Forest Service Road 2N10 South of Cedar Lake, Big Bear Lake, CA
Forest Service Road 2N10 ...
2919 2N10, Big Bear Lake, CA
Forest Service Road 2N10 ...
2920 Forest Service Road 2N10 West of Heliport, Big Bear Lake, CA
Forest Service Road 2N13C
2925 Forest Service Road 2N13 East of Butler Park, Big Bear Lake, CA
Forest Service Road 2N71 ...
2926 Forest Service Road 2N71 East of Lookout, Fawnskin, Fawnskin, CA
Forest Service Road 2N71 ...
2927 Forest Service Road 2N71, Fawnskin, CA
Forest Service Road 3N07 ...
2930 Forest Service Road 3N07, Big Bear City, CA
Forest Service Road 3N12 ...
2931 Forest Service Road 3N12 North of 2N71, Fawnskin, Fawnskin, CA
Forest Service Road 3N12 ...
2932 Forest Service Road 3N12 South of 3N16, Fawnskin, Fawnskin, CA
Forest Service Road 3N16 ...
2933 Forest Service Road 3N16 at Hitchcock Ranch, Fawnskin, Fawnskin, CA
Friess Cabin at Weesha Club
4463 38950 Seven Oaks Road, Angelus Oaks, CA
Gold Mountain Manor
1986 117 Anita Ave, Big Bear City, CA
Grass Valley Gold Course,...
1278 Golf Course Road, Blue Jay, CA
Green Valley Lake
1656 Green Valley Lake Road, Running Springs, CA
Guasti Village, Winery an...
76 Guasti Rd, Ontario, CA
Harris Department Store
567 300 North E Street, San Bernardino, CA
Heart Bar Barracks, Forme...
3067 Heart Bar Ranger's Station at Highway 38, Angelus Oaks, CA
Hi-Desert Playhouse
2015 61231 Twentynine Palms Highway, Joshua Tree, CA
4326 Hinkley Road, Hinkley, CA
Historical Echo Ranch
3873 45353 Esperanza Drive, Newberry Springs, CA
Hofer Ranch
24 11248 South Turner Avenue, Ontario, CA
Holcomb Valley - San Ber...
6837 Forest Service Road 3N16, Big Bear City, CA
IMC Chemical aka Searles ...
4891 13200 Main Street, Trona, CA
Inn At Fawnskin
393 880 Canyon Road, Fawnskin, CA
Institute of Mental Physics
2048 59700 29 Palms Ave., Joshua Tree, CA
Jay Littleton Ball Park a...
1249 Fourth Street and Grove Ave., Ontario, CA
Jenks Lake
3107 Jenks Lake Road, Angeles Oaks, Angelus Oaks, CA
Johnson Valley Ranch
2058 Bessemer Mine Road, Lucerne Valley, CA
Joshua Tree Garden / Josh...
10149994 3636 Warren Vista Ave, Yucca Valley, CA
Joshua Tree National Park...
1142 74485 National Park Drive, Twentynine Palms, CA
Kelso Sand Dunes / Kelso ...
10100610 Kelso Dunes Road, San Bernardino, CA
Kemper Campbell Ranch
2063 Kemper Campbell Ranch Road, Victorville, CA
Lady Bug Pond - SkyPark a...
1654 Skyforest, CA
Lake Arrowhead
1676 Off Hwy 189, Lake Arrowhead, CA
Lake Gregory
1655 24171 Lake Drive, Rimforest, CA
Landmark Lodge Bed & Breakfast
6838 435 W. North Shore Drive, Big Bear City, CA
Las Flores Ranch, Van Ber...
2731 15400 CA-173, Hesperia, CA
Lucerne Dry Lake - Burea...
1065 Rt 247, Lucerne Valley, CA
McDonald Residence
3143 47275 Lakeview, Baldwin Lake, Big Bear City, CA
Mojave Narrows Regional Park
2141 1800 Yates Road, Victorville, CA
Murphy's Garage and Gas
297 624 El Mirage Road, Adelanto, CA
National Orange Show Even...
7533 689 South E St, San Bernardino, CA
North Shore Cafe
4268 39226 North Shore Drive, Fawnskin, CA
North Shore Lane
3169 North Shore Lane West of the Observatory, Big Bear Lake, CA
Old Highway 215 / Route 6...
10041834 Interstate 15, San Bernardino, CA
Old Owl Gas Station
4876 700 Highway 395, Red Mountain, CA
Ontario International Air...
1393 2900 East Airport Drive, Ontario, CA
Pacific Gas & Electric Pl...
4327 Community Blvd, Hinkley, CA
Peck Cabin at Weesha Club
4462 38950 Seven Oaks Road, Angelus Oaks, CA
Pinnacle Inn Motel (aka D...
4426 84368 Trona Road, Trona, CA
Planes of Fame Air Museum...
10028415 7000 Merrill Ave., #17, Chino, CA
Prado Regional Park
2213 16700 South Euclid, Chino, CA
Providence Mountains Stat...
1056 Essex Road, Baker, CA
Rancho Cucamonga Epicente...
1251 8408 Rochester Avenue, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Rancho Olazabal
10023978 1329 W. Phillips Street, Ontario, CA
Randsburg Wash / Trona - ...
4857 Red Mountain Rd, Ridgecrest, CA
Red Mountain
4870 US Route 395, Red Mountain, CA
Redlands - Downtown
10044648 E State St, Redlands, CA
Redlands Mall - CLOSED
10056827 100 Redlands Blvd, Redlands, CA
Redlands Shopping Street
10040952 3 East State Street, Redlands, CA
Rialto Municipal Airport ...
1397 1451 N Linden Ave, Rialto, CA
Riley's Farm & Orchard @ ...
49 12261 Oak Glen Rd, Oak Glen, CA
Road Runner's Retreat
2237 Route 66, Amboy, CA
Route 66
1897 San Bernardino, CA
Running Springs, Retail D...
566 Highway 18, Running Springs, CA
San Bernardino Depot
10029617 1204 W 3rd St, San Bernardino, CA
San Bernardino Internatio...
2245 294 South Leland Norton Way, San Bernardino, CA
San Bernardino Superior C...
4324 235 East Mountain View Street, Barstow, CA
Santa Ana River at Weesha Club
4466 38950 Seven Oaks Road, Angelus Oaks, CA
Santa Fe Railroad Locomot...
10028445 1170 W. Third Street, San Bernardino, CA
Silverwood Lake State Rec...
1693 14651 Cedar Cir, Hesperia, CA
Skyline Drive
3238 Skyline Drive (2N10) behind Snow Summit, Big Bear Lake, CA
Skyline Drive East of Gra...
3432 Skyline Drive (2N10) East of Grand View Point, Big Bear Lake, CA
Skyline Drive In Theater ...
10025462 31175 Old Highway 58, Barstow, CA
SkyPark at Santa's Villag...
641 28950 Highway 18, Lake Arrowhead, CA
Slash X Ranch Cafe
4322 28040 Barstow Road (Hwy. 247), Barstow, CA
Southern California Logis...
2296 18374 Phantom St, Victorville, CA
Superior Dry Lake and Sal...
6380 Twentynine Palms, CA
Swartwood / Classic Rides
10079160 13722 Jurupa Ave, Fontana, CA
Taylor Ranch
10054551 12458 Oak Glen Road, Yucaipa, CA
Tonkavich Cabin at Weesha Club
4443 38950 Seven Oaks Road, Angelus Oaks, CA
Trona - Red Mountain Rd.
4852 Red Mountain Road, Ridgecrest, CA
Trona / Searls Valley Cem...
4824 13193 Main St., Trona, CA
Trona Airport
3266 Trona Airport Rd., Trona, CA
Trona Business District
4845 California State Route 178, Trona, CA
Trona Pinnacles - Ridgecr...
1090 Trona Pinnacles, Trona, CA
Trona Railway Company - S...
3267 13068 Main Street, Trona, CA
Tudor House
558 800 Arrowhead Villas Dr, Lake Arrowhead, CA
Uhle Cabin at Weesha Club
4464 38950 Seven Oaks Road, Angelus Oaks, CA
University of Redlands
10038642 1200 E Colton Ave, Redlands, CA
4561 Upland, CA
Van Dusen Canyon Road
7312 Van Dusen Canyon Road, Big Bear City, CA
Williams Cabin at Weesha Club
4465 38950 Seven Oaks Road, Angelus Oaks, CA
Yucca Valley
2904 57090 Twentynine Palms Highway, Yucca Valley, CA
Yucca Valley Scenic Overlook
10145268 57255 Winters Road, Yucca Valley, CA