Permit Information - Alpine County


Two People per square mile and you!
Remarkable Alpine County awaits you, and so does the hospitality of quaint resorts
and the refreshing beauty of unspoiled wilderness. Frolic in meadows, admire wildflower,
revitalize in hot springs and bask in fresh air and sunshine.

Type: County

Wood, Zach
Alpine County
50 Diamond Valley Rd, Markleeville, CA 96120
530.694.2140 ext. 437 phone 1
530.694.2149 fax


Town of Kirkwood is in both Alpine and Amador Counties.
Contact: Tom Blackman, Amador Film Office PH: 209.223.2276 - - cell 209.607.3456 >>>> Updated 6.21.2011 clr / 12.3.2015 lb / 11.23.2016 lb

1 Location

Location ID Address
Kirkwood Ski Area 1328 Kirkwood, CA