Permit Information - Monterey County


Monterey County encompasses 3,300 square miles of land and 12 incorporated cities. It is bordered by Santa Cruz County to the the north, San Benito County to the east and San Luis Obispo County to the south.

Type: County

Nordstrand, Karen
Director of Marketing and Film Production, Monterey County Film Commission
801 Lighthouse Avenue, Suite 104, Monterey, CA 93940
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38 Locations

Location ID Address
Aguajito Road 10105867 Aguajito Road, Monterey, CA
Arroyo Seco Bridge, G-16 10105869 Elm & Arroyo Seco, Greenfield, CA
Carmel River 1736 Carmel, CA
Carmel Valley Ranch 1872 One Old Ranch Road, Carmel, CA
Carmel Valley Road / Monterey County Route G16 10105890 Carmel Valley, CA
Colton Road 10105894 Del Monte Forest, CA
Corral de Tierra Country Club 10105895 81 Corral de Tierra Road, Corral de Tierra, CA
Hill Of The Hawk 4504 Off Rt 1, Big Sur, CA
Holman Ranch 3088 60 Holman Road, Carmel Valley, CA
Jacks Peak Road / Jacks Peak Park 10105912 Monterey, CA
Jamesburg Earth Station / Jamesburg Dish 10105913 Cachagua, CA
Lake San Antonio 1691 King City, CA
McAbee Beach - Cannery Row - Monterey 10105927 Monterey, CA
Mission San Antonio de Padua / Fiesta Grounds... 10105928 1 Mission Creek Rd, Jolon, CA
Monterey County Administration Offices 763 200 Lincoln, Salinas, CA
Moss Landing 10105937 Moss Landing, CA
Moss Landing Harbor District 4461 7881 Sandholdt Road, Moss Landing, CA
Nacimiento-Fergusson Road 1533 Big Sur, CA
Naval Post Graduate School 878 1 University Circle, Monterey, CA
Nepenthe 545 Nepenthe, Big Sur, CA
Olmstead Road To Jacks Peak 4490 Olmstead Road, Monterey, CA
Peach Tree Road 10055145 Peach Tree Road, King City, CA
Quail Lodge Golf Course 10105953 8205 Valley Greens Drive, Carmel Valley, CA
Quail Meadows Neighborhood - Carmel Valley 10055152 Quail Meadows Drive, Carmel Valley, CA
Rancho Lucia 10105955 Carmel Valley, CA
Rancho San Carlos 10055157 Rancho San Carlos Road, Carmel Valley, CA
Rancho San Lucas 57 San Lucas, CA
Salinas Valley 10105960 Salinas, CA
San Ardo 10105961 San Ardo, CA
San Lorenzo County Park 10105964 King City, CA
San Lucas / San Lucas Road Bridge 10105965 San Lucas, CA
San Lucas Bridge 2250 San Lucas Road, San Lucas, CA
Skyline Drive 10105972 Monterey, CA
Spreckels 10105975 Spreckels, CA
Sprindrift Road - Carmel Highlands 10055165 Sprindrift Road, Carmel Highlands, CA
Stonepine Estate, Resort & Equestrian Center ... 4518 150 East Carmel Valley Road, Carmel Valley, CA
Varian Ranch 60 66450 Parkfield Coalinga Road, San Miguel, CA
Varian Ranch 10105982 Carmel Valley, CA