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Concord is the largest city in Contra Costa County, California. The city is a major regional suburban East Bay center within the San Francisco Bay Area, and is 29 miles (47 km) east of San Francisco. The focal point of downtown Concord is Todos Santos Plaza, which encompasses an entire city block and is known for its farmers market, free summer concerts, and large number of surrounding restaurants. Much of the area immediately around downtown has recently been redeveloped, with new high-density apartment and condominium projects to take advantage of the proximity to public transportation and to the area surrounding the park.,_California // Concord's rolling hills are close to Mt. Diablo. It is well known for its Concert Pavilion.

Type: City Umbrella Agency: Contra Costa County

Asera, Leslye
Community Relations Manager, City of Concord Office of the City Manager
1950 Parkside Dr Mail Stop/ 10A, Concord, CA 94519
(925) 671-3272 phone 1
(925) 798-0636 fax


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