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Lassen County is an outdoor paradise, where the beautiful Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountains meet the desert of the Great Basin. Because of the unique terrain, there’s something here for everyone. The climate is nearly ideal: generally dry, warm days and cool nights, with an average summer high of 89 degrees and daytime temperatures in the 40’s during the winter months.

Type: County

Anderson, Maurice
Director of Planning & Building Services, Department of Community Development
707 Nevada St., Suite 5, Susanville, CA 96130
530.251.8269 phone 1
530.251.8373 fax

Email: manderson@co.lassen.ca.us
Website: http://www.lassencounty.org/visiting

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16 Location Results

Big Valley Lumber Company
1843 P.O. Box 617, Bieber, CA
Cut-Off Road Overpass, Su...
7295 Cutoff Road, Susanville, CA
Dixie Valley Ranch
7926 663-150 Dixie Ranch Road, McArthur, CA
Eagle Lake, Stone Ranch
1945 Route 139 North of Susanville, Susanville, CA
Elysian Valley Ranch
1952 465 - 565 Elysian Valley Road, Janesville, CA
Hartson Slough, Bridge nu...
2010 Mapes Rd, Janesville, CA
Highway 395 - Susan River...
2043 Mapes Road, Standish, CA
Johnstonville Road Bridge...
2059 Johnstonville Road, Susanville, CA
Lassen County Courthouse ...
723 South Lassen Street, Susanville, CA
Matley Ranch
2125 428 - 795 Constantia Road, Doyle, CA
Mountain Meadows Reservoir
2438 Mooney Road / Rte A-21, Westwood-LAS, CA
Round Valley Reservoir
2240 5 Dotranch on Highway 139, Redding, CA
Sierra Pacific Industries...
2285 East of Sunkist Drive, Susanville, CA
Spanish Springs Ranch
2300 Highway 395, Ravendale, CA
Susan River Bridge, Devil...
2326 Highway 36, 6 miles west of Susanville, Susanville, CA
Wendel Road Desert
2378 Wendel Road, Wendel, CA