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San Francisco National Cemetery was the first national cemetery established on the west coast and is the final resting place for 30,000 soldiers, family members, and other notable figures. A walk among the uniform white gravestones tells the story of America’s involvement in foreign and domestic conflicts from California’s founding through Desert Storm.
>>>> The cemetery is located just west of the Main Post on a beautiful hillside overlooking the northern waterfront and the Golden Gate Bridge. Though it is within the Presidio, it is managed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.
The cemetery is enclosed with a stone wall and slopes down a hill that today frames a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Its original ornamental cast-iron entrance gates are present but have been unused since the entrance was relocated. Tall eucalyptus trees further enclose the cemetery. The lodge and rostrum date to the 1920s and reflect the Spanish Revival styling introduced to several western cemeteries. San Francisco National Cemetery was listed as a National Historic Landmark as part of the Presidio in 1962.

Type: Federal Umbrella Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs

McCall, Kathleen
Director, San Francisco National Cemetery
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San Francisco National Cemetery aka Presidio ... 283 1 Lincoln Blvd., San Francisco, CA