Permit Information - Oroville


Oroville offers a variety of backdrops for the film and commercial production industry such as rugged western landscapes; small mid-western town; farmlands; tree-lined streets; historic homes; and a state recreational lake with 167 miles of lake shoreline.

Type: City Umbrella Agency: Butte County

Lando, Tom
Interim City Administrator, City of Oroville
1735 Montgomery Street, Oroville, CA 95965
530. 538.2535 phone 1
530.538.2468 fax


updated 12.7.2018 lm

17 Locations

Location ID Address
Butte Meadows 2993 Humboldt Road, Butte Meadows, CA
Canyon Lakes Market 4209 3610 Skycrest Dr, Oroville, CA
Cherokee 207 Oroville, CA
Depot, The 4121 2191 High Street, Oroville, CA
Derrick Road 4170 Derrick Road and Cherokee Road, Oroville, CA
Eagles Aerie FOE 196 4169 2010 Montgomery, Oroville, CA
Huntington's Sportsman's Store 4159 601 Oro Dam Blvd., Oroville, CA
Louisiana - Pacific Lumber Yard and Mill 2101 Highway 70, Oroville, CA
Mary Lake Thompson, LTD. 4143 1870 Montgomery, Oroville, CA
Masonic Lodge Building 4142 1462 Myers Street, Oroville, CA
Municipal Auditorium, Oroville 4140 1200 Myers Street, Oroville, CA
Oregon City 210 Oroville, CA
Oroville 3328 1735 Montgomery, Oroville, CA
Oroville High School 4136 1535 Bridge Street, Oroville, CA
Riverside Bed & Breakfast 4157 45 Cabana Drive, Oroville, CA
State Theater, Oroville 4125 1489 Myers, Oroville, CA
Table Mountain 3341 Hwy 70 & Cherokee Rd., Oroville, CA