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If Canyon Lake had to be described in one word, that word would be unique. One of only five gated cities in California, Canyon Lake began as a master-planned community developed by Corona Land Company in 1968. The Lake originally was formed in 1927 after Railroad Canyon Dam was built. It covers 383 acres and has 14.9 miles of shoreline. The City of Canyon Lake was incorporated on December 1, 1990. The City has a population of 10,647 and geographically spans 4.6 square miles. Canyon Lake is located in Riverside County. - // Canyon Lake is a private, gated, lake community that incorporated Dec. 1, 1990. Amenities include an equestrian center, parks and beaches, a pool, a lodge and golf.

Type: City Umbrella Agency: Riverside County

Hall, Ariel
Interim City Manager, City of Canyon Lake
31516 Railroad Canyon Road, Canyon Lake, CA 92587
951.244.2955 phone 1
951.246.2022 fax


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