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Calistoga is a city in Napa County, California, United States. Calistoga is noted for its hot springs spas such as Calistoga Spa Hot Springs. A local specialty is immersion in hot volcanic ash, known as a mud bath. Nearby attractions include an artificial geothermal geyser known as the "Old Faithful of California" or "Little Old Faithful". The geyser erupts from the casing of a well drilled in the late 19th century. -,_California // Calistoga has a "Main Street U.S.A." look, older homes and a lot of Victorians, wineries, glider port and hot mineral baths. Population 5,000.

Type: City Umbrella Agency: Napa County

Melick, Rachel
Recreation Manager, City of Calistoga
1235 Washington Street, Calistoga, CA 94515
707.942.2844 phone 1
707.942.2807 phone 2
707.942.2771 fax


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2 Locations

Location ID Address
Calistoga 119 Calistoga, CA
Moacamo Crossing Ranch 7329 12121 Rt 128, Calistoga, CA