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Parlier is an agricultural community with a population of 9,400. Fruit grown in the area: peaches, grapes and apricots. The Central Place To Be In California! We are excited about our new designation as a Federal Rural Renewal Community that allows the City to revitalize our neighborhoods and businesses using Federal tax incentives. Parlier's booming economy is experiencing a renaissance of development and diversification. A combination of public and private financing is under development for construction of several new housing projects, restoration of the downtown area, and development of the Parlier Industrial Park. With our proximity to major highway networks and international air terminal, and the lower cost of land and labor, Parlier is the ideal business location to serve the vast California market of over 35 million people.
Ideally situated just 210 miles north of Los Angeles and 199 miles south of San Francisco, Parlier is nestled in the heart of the beautiful San Joaquin Valley. Our central California location ensures that a vast array of recreational activities are available to our residents. World-renowned Yosemite National Park, Friant Dam, and the beautiful California Coastline, are all within of a couple of hours drive from Parlier.

Type: City Umbrella Agency: Fresno County

Johnson, Kristi G.
Film Commissioner / Principal Analyst, Fresno County Film Commission - Department of Public Works & Planning / Community Development
2220 Tulare Street, 6th Floor, Fresno, CA 93721
559.600.4271 phone 1
559.230.9377 mobile
559.600.4573 fax

Lara, Jr., Israel
City Manager, City of Parlier
1100 East Parlier, Pasadena, CA 93648
559.646.3545 x 232 phone 1
559.646.0416 fax


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