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The City of Chico provides a variety of backdrops for the film and commercial production industry. Among the offerings: a mid-western town complete with a city square surrounded by historic buildings; a quaint downtown area; tree-lined streets and a large selection of housing styles and neighborhoods; a university town with an ivy-league flair, complete with fraternity row and student hang-outs; a 3500 acre city-owned park that offers everything from a Sherwood Forest look to magnificent western landscapes, jungles, and old-fashioned swimming holes; a wide range of agricultural settings and farmhouses; a rustic wooded-covered bridge in a striking canyon setting; and much more.

Type: City

Umbrella Agency: Butte County

Harrison, Ms Sam
Engineering Division Administrative Assistant, City of Chico Public Works
P.O. Box 3420, Chico, CA 95927-3420
530.879.6906 phone 1
530.879.6900 phone 2
530.895.4899 fax

Thoma, Katy
President & CEO / Film Liaison, Chico Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center
180 E. 4th Street, Suite 120, PO Box 3300, Chico, CA 95927
530.891.5556 x 303 phone 1

Collins, Debbie
Management Analyst, Chico City Managers's Office
411 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Chico, CA 95928
530.896.7210 phone 1
530.895.4825 fax

Email: kelsey@chicochamber.com
Website: https://www.chicochamber.com/visit-chico.html

updated 12.7.2018 / 3.13.2019 lm

76 Location Results

Bear Hole
2974 Wildwood Ave, Chico, CA
Bell Ranch
Meridian Road, Chico, CA
Bethel African Methodist ...
841 821 Linden St, Chico, CA
Bidwell Park Golf Course
2979 3199 Golf Course Rd, Chico, CA
Big Al's Drive In
4105 1844 Esplanade, Chico, CA
Book Family Farm
10 153 Heavy Horse Ln, Durham, CA
Brooks Field
2988 Wildwood Ave, Chico, CA
Budget Inn of Chico
4107 1717 Park Ave, Chico, CA
Butte Creek Country Club
2992 175 Estates Drive, Chico, CA
C.O.R.P. Building
4212 13434 Browns Valley Dr, Chico, CA
Cal Skate, Chico
4211 2465 Carmichael Dr, Chico, CA
California Park Pavilion,...
4210 2500 California Park Drive, Chico, CA
Canyon Oaks Country Club
3373 999 Yosemite Dr, Chico, CA
Canyon Oaks Golf Course
2998 999 Yosemite Dr, Chico, CA
CARD Melody Hall
4208 621 1/2 Mangrove Avenue, Chico, CA
123 500 Main Street, Chico, CA
Chico Area Recreation & P...
4205 545 Vallombrosa Avenue, Chico, CA
Chico Cemetery Mausoleum ...
4190 881 Mangrove Avenue, Chico, CA
Chico Depot
1455 Chico, CA
Chico High School
3009 901 Esplanade, Chico, CA
Chico Medical Center
4186 251 Cohasset Road, Chico, CA
Chico Missile Base & Silo...
4185 Missile Rose Rd, Chico, CA
Chico Municipal Center
4184 Main St & W 4th St, Chico, CA
Chico Museum
4189 141 Salem Street, Chico, CA
Chico Park Plaza
3010 Broadway St & W 4th St, Chico, CA
Chico Train Depot
4183 W 5th St & Orange St, Chico, CA
Chico Women's Club
4188 592 East Third Street, Chico, CA
Cloud Nine Studios
4181 275 Fairchild Avenue, Suite 101A, Chico, CA
Congregation Beth Israel,...
4176 1336 Hemlock, Chico, CA
Dairy Queen, Chico
4171 2190 Esplanade, Chico, CA
Dayton Road
3029 Dayton Rd. & Rodgers Ave., Chico, CA
Depot, The
4121 2191 High Street, Oroville, CA
Durham Pentz Road
3296 Durham Pentz Road, Chico, CA
Durham-Dayton Hwy
3295 Durham-Dayton Hwy & Esquon Road, Chico, CA
Enloe Hospital
4168 1531 Esplanade, Chico, CA
Enloe Rehabilitation Hospital
4167 340 West East Avenue, Chico, CA
Esplanade Building
4120 1528 Esplanade, Chico, CA
Five Mile
3297 Centennial Ave., Chico, CA
Fleetwood Motorhomes of C...
4166 300 East Ryan Avenue, Chico, CA
Forest Ranch Elementary School
4165 15815 Cedar Creek Road, Chico, CA
Foster's Old Fashioned Fr...
4164 900 Broadway, Chico, CA
Glen Oaks Memorial Park
4163 11115 Midway, Chico, CA
Goodwill Store, Chico
4162 1405 Park Avenue, Chico, CA
Grace Community Church
4161 2346 Floral Avenue, Chico, CA
Grand Ballroom, Chico
4119 242 Broadway, Suite 10, Chico, CA
Haven Motel
4160 2212 Park Avenue, Chico, CA
Honey Run Covered Bridge
3308 Honey Run Rd. & Centerville Rd., Chico, CA
Horseshoe Lake
3309 Wildwood Avenue, Chico, CA
Jack's Restaurant
4158 540 Main Street, Chico, CA
Johnson's Country Inn
4156 3935 Morehead Avenue, Chico, CA
Leen Brothers Enterprises
4151 460 West East Avenue, Suite 100, Chico, CA
M & T Ranch
3318 3964 Chico River Road, Chico, CA
Madison Bear Garden
540 316 W. 2nd., Chico, CA
Madison Bear Garden
4145 316 West 2nd Street, Chico, CA
Morning Thunder Cafe
4141 352 Vallombrosa Avenue, Chico, CA
Newman Center
4139 346 Cherry Street, Chico, CA
Oak Ridge Cabinets
2652 11128 Midway, Chico, CA
One Mile
3326 Vallombrosa Ave. & Sheridan Ave., Chico, CA
Parking Structure, Downto...
4101 Third & Salem, Chico, CA
Prestige Gas Station & Mi...
4129 2000 Business Lane, Chico, CA
River Road
3335 River Road, Chico, CA
Salvation Army Thrift Sto...
4128 1054 Broadway, Chico, CA
Scotty's Boat Landing
4127 12609 River Road, Chico, CA
Senator Theater
4126 515 Main Street, Chico, CA
Shubert's Ice Cream & Candy
4124 178 East 7th Street, Chico, CA
Spirits of America
3338 2269 Nord Ave. Hwy 32, Chico, CA
Sycamore Baseball Field
3340 Sheridan Ave. & Vallombrosa Ave., Chico, CA
The Beach
4122 191 E 2nd St, Chico, CA
Thunderbird Lodge
4118 715 Main Street, Chico, CA
TJ Farms
56 3600 Chico Avenue, Chico, CA
Trinity United Methodist ...
4117 285 East 5th Street, Chico, CA
Upper Bidwell Park
3344 Wildwood Avenue, Chico, CA
Vacant Building, Chico
4116 800 Broadway, Chico, CA
Warner Street Grocery
4115 1147 Warner Street, Chico, CA
Wild Hare Saloon
4114 1414 Park Avenue, Chico, CA
Wittmeier Auto Center
4112 2288 Forest Avenue, Chico, CA