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Fender, Sgt Mike
Great Park Safety Officer & Special Events Coordinator, City of Irvine Police Department
949.724.6594 / 7022 phone 1
949.724.6462 / 6000 phone 2
Sgt Jasper Kim to 1.22.2020 mobile

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General Notes: Updated 01-21-10 AY / 3.27.2014 / 7.21.2017 / 9.26.2018 / 1.8.2020 lm


Within 30-mile Zone: N

State Property: N

Closed / Vacant: Y

Location Details

Orange County Great Park - El Toro Festival Site @ the former Marine Corp Air Station - El Toro Field - BRAC

United States / Irvine, California
Location ID: #10023689
The Orange County Great Park Festival Site is the perfect outdoor venue for ticketed events. This brand new 526,000 sq. ft. (14 Acre) event site was specially constructed for festivals, trade shows, circuses and carnivals. This site includes utilities such as power, water, sewer hook-up, telephone and wi-fi. This site also features 780 parking spaces and a fence with 8 gates that securely contains over 212,000 square feet of festival space.

Location Category:

  • COMMERCIAL BUSINESSES - Parking Lots / Structures;
  • ENTERTAINMENT & LEISURE - Attractions / Carnivals;
  • MILITARY - [General];
  • MILITARY - US Marines Corps;
  • TRANSPORTATION - [General];
  • TRANSPORTATION - Aircraft / Airports / Hangars

Location Address

6990 Marine Way
Irvine, California 90618
County: Orange
Region: *Southern
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