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Catalano, Sam *
Placo San Bernardino LLC aka Carousel Mall
295 Carousel Mall, San Bernardino, CA 92401
909.884.0106 phone 1
909.885.6893 fax

* key contact


Keywords: Anytown USA / Anywhere USA; Balcony / Balconies; Parking - Structure Parking; Suburban

Site Condition: Originally opened on October 11, 1972 as Central City Mall, with two stories, 52 stores, and 3 major anchor stores. >>>> Today, the mall houses more than 300 San Bernardino County employees and 150 from the San Bernardino Unified School District. As of 2010, excluding office space, about 17 retail stores inside the mall were still open for business, including an AM Radio Station and a Jackson Hewitt Tax Center. The remaining businesses are independently owned, including four operating restaurants.

General Notes: updated 5.20.2011 lm / 12.7.2015 lb

Usage Restriction: >>

Jurisdictions: San Bernardino, SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY FILM OFFICE

Within 30-mile Zone: N

State Property: N

Closed / Vacant: Y

Location Details

Carousel Mall - CLOSED

United States / San Bernardino, California
Location ID: #10038536
Very clean old, fashioned mall that is mostly empty. Has a nice courtyard, parking structure and a working carousel in the center of the mall. Interior staircases, elevators and escalators.

Location Category:

  • COMMERCIAL - STORES & RETAIL - Enclosed Malls;
  • COMMERCIAL - STORES & RETAIL - Other Stores;
  • COMMERCIAL BUSINESSES - Office Interiors;
  • COMMERCIAL BUSINESSES - Parking Lots / Structures;
  • ENTERTAINMENT & LEISURE - Amusement Parks

Location Address

295 Carousel Mall
San Bernardino, California 92401
County: San Bernardino
Region: *Southern

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