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Bowles, Sergeant Steve *
Seal Beach Police Detention Center Supervisor, Seal Beach Police Department
562.799.4100 Ext. 1117 phone 1
562.598.6526 x1116 or x1117 phone 2
562.493.0634 fax

Arrington, Janice
Film Commissioner, Orange County Film Commission
949.246.9704 mobile

* key contact



General Notes: submitted by: Sergeant Steve Bowles 12.29.2013 / updated 1.7.2014 / 10.26.2015 lm


Within 30-mile Zone: Y

State Property: N

Closed / Vacant: N

Location Details

Seal Beach Police Department City Jail

United States / Seal Beach, California
Location ID: #10070593
Large 30-bed municipal cement block jail. The interior includes two interview rooms, institutional kitchen, a “drunk” tank, 2- man cells, 4 -man cells, 8- man cells and 10- man cells. All have stainless sinks and toilets. Traditional “skeleton” keys control access as well as electric switches control the locks for our 4 man cells providing for the traditional closing and sounds of a closing and locking jail. We have a large outdoor recreation yard which has chain link and barbed wire. The recreation yard had a sliding gate for vehicles as well as a pedestrian gate for access. The jail is attached to the Seal Beach Police Department. Full access to our fenced and secure parking lot may be utilized by production staff. Our jail is operational for arrestees and we do house nonviolent inmates. Alternative accommodations for our inmates and booking staff can be made to accommodate production. Fees will follow city ordinance.

Location Category:

  • GOVERNMENTAL - [General];
  • GOVERNMENTAL - Prisons & Jails


911 Seal Beach Blvd
Seal Beach, California 90740
County: Orange
Region: *Southern
Phone: (714) 588-5975
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