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Knobelauch,, Karl *
President, Preston Castle Foundation
209.256.3623 phone 1
209.274.6533 phone 2

Blackman, Tom
Film Commissioner, Amador County Film Commission
836 N. Hwy. 49/88, Jackson, CA 95642 USA
209.607.3456 phone 1
209.223.2276 phone 2
209.607.3456 mobile
209.223.3406 fax

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Keywords: Staircases - Interior Staircases

Site Condition: The Preston School of Industry, also known as Preston Castle, was formerly one of the oldest and best-known reform schools in the United States. It is located in Ione, California, in Amador County. The institution was opened in June 1894 when seven wards (minors under the guardianship of the state, but not necessarily juvenile offenders), were transferred there from San Quentin State Prison. The original building, known colloquially as "Preston Castle" (or simply "The Castle"), is the most significant example of Romanesque Revival architecture in the Mother Lode. It was vacated in 1960, shortly after new buildings had been constructed to replace it. The abandoned building has since been named a California Historical Landmark (#867)[1] and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NPS-75000422). The facility's name has often been used in movies and also television programs, such as Dragnet. In 1999, the institution's official name was changed to the "Preston Youth Correctional Facility", but most people in the state — especially those who reside in the immediate area — continue to refer to it by its original name. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation announced on October 21, 2010, that the Preston Youth Correctional Facility will be closing.[3] On June 2, 2011, Preston held its official closing ceremony. Former staff, correctional officers, correctional counselors, and the public were invited to celebrate Preston's last day open as a correctional facility.[citation needed] The building is open to tours for the public and it is maintained by the Preston Castle Foundation.

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Within 30-mile Zone: N

State Property: N

Closed / Vacant: Y

Building Materials: Brick

Location Details

Preston Castle - former Preston School of Industry

United States / Ione, California
Location ID: #10084789
No matter the pictures you have seen, your first glimpse of Preston Castle will make you hold your breath. It really exists, and it really does resemble Rose Red.

A day time tour provided us with summary and familarity of the castle, the basement and the first two floors. The third floor is blocked off, the fourth has no actually flooring at all. The house looks confusing, but is a basic T shape, front wings with a back hall leading to the annex. Outside the castle is the current juvenile prison next to the castle with its formidable concertina wire perimeter and huge guard towers.

Location Category:

  • GOVERNMENTAL - [General];
  • GOVERNMENTAL - Prisons & Jails;
  • MANUFACTURING & INDUSTRIAL - Basements / Boiler Rooms;
  • RESIDENTIAL - [General];
  • RESIDENTIAL - Castles

Architecture Style:

  • Romanesque

Location Address

Palm Drive
Ione, California 95640
County: Amador
Region: *Northern

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