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Collett, Mr. Chris
Recreation Department Manager, Don Pedro Reservor
10201 Bonds Flat Rd., La Grange, CA 95329
209.852.2396 phone 1

* key contact

AKA: New Don Pedro Dam / Don Pedro Lake


Keywords: Boat Docks / Ramps; Lakeside; Pond / Lake

Site Condition: Dam statistics: 580 Feet high 855 Feet above sea level at the crest 1900 Feet at crest length 40 Feet wide at crest 2800 Feet wide at its base >>

General Notes: updated 9/6/2016 gb / 10.10.2016 ta / 2.2.2017 lm

Jurisdictions: Don Pedro Lake Recreation Agency, MODESTO / STANISLAUS COUNTY FILM COMMISSION - FLICS

Within 30-mile Zone: N

State Property: N

Closed / Vacant: N

Location Details

Don Pedro Reservoir / Lake Don Pedro

United States / La Grange, California
Location ID: #10099263
More than 14 million people have visited Don Pedro Lake since 1971. With 160 miles of shoreline and nearly 13,000 surface acres (at maximum lake level), visitors can enjoy boating, fishing, water sports, swimming and camping. One of the highlights of the year is the annual fireworks show over the lake celebrating the Fourth of July.
Don Pedro Recreation Agency offers campsites at three campgrounds: Fleming Meadows and Blue Oaks located on the west shore, and Moccasin Point located on the east shore.
2 Marinas
Boat Launch Ramps - Lake (Navigational) Map
Water Sports
Hunting / Fishing
Water Ski Course

Location Category:

  • NATURAL LANDSCAPES / PARKS - Camps / Campgrounds;
  • NATURAL LANDSCAPES / PARKS - Forests / Woodlands;
  • TRANSPORTATION - [General];
  • WATER & COASTAL AREAS - [General];
  • WATER & COASTAL AREAS - Lakes / Dams / Reservoirs;
  • WATER & COASTAL AREAS - Marinas / Yacht Clubs

Location Address

10201 Bonds Flat Road
La Grange, California 95329
County: Stanislaus
Region: *Northern
Phone: (209) 852-2396

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