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Nordstrand, Karen *
Director of Marketing and Film Production, Monterey County Film Commission
801 Lighthouse Avenue, Suite 104, Monterey, CA 93940 USA
831.646.0910 phone 1
831.594.9410 mobile
831.655.9250 fax

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Location Details

Butterfly House

United States / Pacific Grove, California
Location ID: #10105879
Bright colors, extravagant beauty and butterflies; butterflies of all shapes and sizes. Located at 309 9th street in Pacific Grove this magnificently colored house is hard to miss. It is a wonder to all ages young and old with the flow of its brightly colored butterflies from the widely known Monarchs down to the smaller Cracker butterflies. Ironically, Pacific Grove is known for being the “Butterfly Capital of California” so it is not that uncommon to spot many of these glamorous insects as one strolls the street.

Location Category:

  • RESIDENTIAL - [General];
  • RESIDENTIAL - Houses

Location Address

Pacific Grove, California
County: Monterey
Region: *Central
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