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Wilson, Becket
Administrative Assistant, Laguna Beach Community Services Department
505 Forest Avenue, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
949.497.0779 phone 1
949.497.0771 fax

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Keywords: Beachfront; Coastal; Lifeguard Towers

General Notes: updated 10/03/06 / 8.28.2018 lm

Filmography: FEW GOOD MEN, A


Within 30-mile Zone: N

State Property: N

Closed / Vacant: N

Location Details

Crescent Bay

United States / Laguna Beach, California
Location ID: #1563
Sandy beach with bluff/cliffs, lifeguard tower; tidepools. Crescent Bay is a large cove about 1/4 mile in length. It is located in the north end of Laguna where Cliff Drive intercepts North Pacific Coast Highway. The beach is a sandy stretch with rocky areas at the north and south ends. Off the north point there is a large rock about 120 yards off shore called Seal Rock because of the seals and sea lions that take refuge there. Swimmers and kayakers are not allowed on the rock and should stay away from any marine mammals in the area.

Popular activities are skim boarding, skin and scuba diving, body surfing, body boarding, tide pooling, and numerous other beach games. Crescent Bay is a popular beach and crowds of 2,000-4,000 are not uncommon.

The surf at Crescent Bay is a strong shorebreak that can get as large as 12-15 feet. There are also numerous rip currents that can be present depending on the conditions. Because of these factors, this can be a dangerous place to enter the water. As with any beach, ones ocean experience level and the conditions should dictate whether or not an individual should enter the water.

If you do visit this area please do not take, collect or disturb any of the marine life. The taking or collecting of rocks, shells, or marine life is prohibited. Fishing is not allowed at this beach.

Location Category:

  • WATER & COASTAL AREAS - [General];
  • WATER & COASTAL AREAS - Beaches / Coastline

Location Address

Crescent Bay Drive
Laguna Beach, California 92651
County: Orange
Region: *Southern
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