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MacIlvaine, Jim
Special Events Coordinator, Oakland Film Office
One Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, 9th Floor, Oakland, CA 94612 USA
510.238.4734 phone 1
510.238.FILM - Job Hotline phone 2
510.238.2933 mobile

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Keywords: Coastal

Site Condition: The Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Commission closed the Oakland Army Base in 1993. The land was transferred to the City of Oakland and Port of Oakland from 2003-2006. The Port’s OAB development area is approximately 185 acres of land area and an additional 56 acres of submerged land. The City’s OAB development area is approximately 228 acres. The Port’s property is subject to Tidelands Trust obligations, meaning it is restricted to maritime-serving uses, while the City’s portion is not. Responsibilities between the Port and the City are divided into five separate segments with corresponding funding plans, permitting, and delivery methods.

General Notes: updated 3.31.2000 lm / 6.23.2008 tm / 3.9.2015 lm

Jurisdictions: Oakland, OAKLAND FILM OFFICE

Within 30-mile Zone: N

State Property: N

Closed / Vacant: N

Building Materials: Wood

Location Details

Oakland Global Trade & Logistics Center - former Oakland Army Base - BRAC

United States / Oakland, California
Location ID: #2157
Base or Fort Features: Shipyard and Barracks. With Paved Roads Theaters & Stages, Classrooms, Bowling Alleys, Workout Facility, PX and Storage Buildings. Building Material Cement and Concrete.

Location Category:

  • INSTITUTIONAL - [General];
  • INSTITUTIONAL - Churches;
  • MILITARY - [General];
  • MILITARY - US Army;
  • WATER & COASTAL AREAS - [General];
  • WATER & COASTAL AREAS - Commercial Ports / Harbors / Piers


Murmansk Street
Oakland, California 94626
County: Alameda
Region: *Northern
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