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Davis, Brandy
Permit Coordinator - Buildings / Facilities / Central & Northern California Parks, California Film Commission - as of 7.16.2018 & 1.25.2019
7080 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 900, Hollywood, CA 90028 USA
323.860.2960 x 106 phone 1
323.860.2972 fax

Khalar, Matt
Supervising Ranger, Monterey District - Big Sur Sector - California State Parks
831.667.0507 / 831.667.2449 phone 1
831.667.0528 / 2315 phone 2
831.667.2886 fax

Khalar, Pamela
Special Events Coordinator, Monterey District - Big Sur Sector - California State Parks
831.667.0507 / 831.667.2315 phone 1
831.667.0528 phone 2
831.667.2886 fax

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Park Brochure

Keywords: Beachfront; Coastal; Mountain; Plateau; Stream / Creek; Trails; Tree Canopy / Tree Tunnel; Wilderness

Site Condition: Waterfall viewpoint pedestrian observation bridge / Waterfall Trail is opposite and north of cove and is mostly crumbling down the cliffside. The trail is open about 200 ft the tunnel, so visitors can get a view of McWay Falls but little else.The Overlook is closed. The Tan Bark and and Ewoldsen Trails are closed. The only area that is openand viablefir a small film / photo shoot at the park is Partington Cove. Camping facilities are above the waterfall.

General Notes: updated 10.3.2006 / 08.22.08 ai / 2.6.2012 / 5.5 & 7.2014 lm / 12.2.15 lb / 1.20.2016 lb / 2.25.2016 lb / 6.1.2017 lb / 8.16.17 rv / 7.27.2018 / 8.2.2018 lm

Usage Restriction: 5/31/17: NO FILMING ALLOWED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. 2/25/2016: All drone use is considered an unsafe recreation and is a citable offense (CCR 4319). * * * CLOSED AREAS *** THERE IS NO BEACH OR OCEAN ACCESS IN THIS PARK Cliff areas beyond the fenced boundaries, including the BEACH, SADDLE ROCK and MCWAY FALLS area are completely off limits. Trespassing into these closed areas is a serious offense, resulting in a citation and arrest. The areas are extremely hazardous. Failure to respect the boundaries has resulted in complex rescue operations and tragic loss of lives. Please stay on the trail and out of these closed areas.


Within 30-mile Zone: N

State Property: Y

Closed / Vacant: N

Location Details

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park (SP) - McWay Falls - McWay Cove

United States / Big Sur, California
Location ID: #2199
Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park offers a dramatic meeting of land and sea—attracting visitors, writers, artists and photographers from around the world. The same geologic,
climate and marine processes that shape the character of this beautiful park keep it undeveloped, susceptible to natural forces. Wildfires and landslides are common.
The steep slopes of the Santa Lucia Range and the rugged coast embody the essence of the frontier spirit and individualism of its early settlers. Visitors may hike, scuba dive, fish and explore the coastal overlook. Park temperatures range from the mid-80s at higher elevations inland to the mid-40s, with heavy winter rains and frequent coastal fog This state park is named after Julia Pfeiffer Burns, a well respected pioneer woman in the Big Sur country. The park stretches from the Big Sur coastline into nearby 3,000-foot ridges. It features redwood, tan oak, madrone, chaparral, and an 80-foot waterfall that drops from granite cliffs into the ocean from the Overlook Trail. A panoramic view of the ocean and miles of rugged coastline is available from the higher elevations along the trails east of Highway 1.

Location Category:

  • AUDITORIUMS / THEATERS - Amphitheaters / Pavilions;
  • NATURAL LANDSCAPES / PARKS - Camps / Campgrounds;
  • NATURAL LANDSCAPES / PARKS - Forests / Woodlands;
  • NATURAL LANDSCAPES / PARKS - Mountains / Rocks / Geological Oddities;
  • NATURAL LANDSCAPES / PARKS - Open Terrain / Scenic Vistas;
  • WATER & COASTAL AREAS - [General];
  • WATER & COASTAL AREAS - Beaches / Coastline;
  • WATER & COASTAL AREAS - Waterfalls

Location Address

HIghway 1 @ Coast Ridge Rd
Big Sur, California 93920
County: Monterey
Region: *Central
Phone: (831) 667-2315
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