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Linda, Linder
Marketing Director, Camino Apple Hill
Camino, CA 95709
(530) 644-7692 phone 1

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Keywords: Hills; Pond / Lake; Rural; Stream / Creek; Unpaved Roads; Valleys

General Notes: Acreage = More than 100 Facilities = Farmhouse Facilities = Fencing Facilities = Packing and Storage Facilities = Roads - Paved Facilities = Roads - Unpaved Facilities = Tasting Tour Facilities = Truck Yard Facilities = Winery Foreign Match = France Foreign Match = Greece Foreign Match = Italy Foreign Match = Spain Landscape = Hills Landscape = Mountain Landscape = Valley Orchard Type = Non-Citrus Trees Orchard Type = Nut Trees Regional Match = Gulf Coast States Regional Match = Mid-Atlantic States Regional Match = Midwest Regional Match = New England Regional Match = Pacific Northwest Regional Match = Southern States Type = Orchard Type = Vineyard Vineyard Type = Table Grapes Vineyard Type = Wine Grapes Water = Lake Water = Pond Water = Stream Building Materials = Wood Foreign Match = Western Europe Landscape = Mountain Landscape = Rural Number of Stores = 26 to 50 Period Match = 1930's - 40's Period Match = 1950's - 60's Period Match = 1970's - 80's Period Match = 1990's Regional Match = Gulf Coast Regional Match = Mid-Atlantic States Regional Match = Midwest Regional Match = New England States Regional Match = Pacific Northwest Retail District Type = Farmers' Market Store Type - Merchandise = Grocery Store Type - Merchandise = Nursery Store Type - Merchandise = Toys/Hobbies/Crafts Type = Retail District


Within 30-mile Zone: N

State Property: N

Closed / Vacant: N

Location Details

Camino Apple Hill

United States / Camino, California
Location ID: #2642
Nut trees, over 100 acres, Fencing, Truck Yard, Farmhouse, Packing and Storage, Tasting Tour, Winery

Location Category:

  • AGRICULTURAL - [General];
  • AGRICULTURAL - Orchards;
  • AGRICULTURAL - Vineyards

Location Address

2461 Larsen Drive
Camino, California 95709
County: El Dorado
Region: *Northern

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