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Benavidez, Julie *
Event Manager, Rose Bowl Operating Company
626.577.3206 phone 1
626.577.3130 phone 2
626.926.6386 mobile

Love, Arnetta *
Administrative Assistant, Rose Bowl Operating Company
626.577.3103 phone 1
626.577.3130 phone 2

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Keywords: Elevators / Exterior Elevators ; Flooring - Concrete Floors; Hills; Kitchens - Industrial Kitchens; Lockers / Locker Rooms; Parking - Flat Surface Parking; Plateau; Public Restrooms; Staircases - Exterior Staircases; Staircases - Interior Staircases; Urban

General Notes: updated 8.16.04 lm / 6.27.2008 gw / 4.1.2014 / 2.14.2018 lm

Jurisdictions: Pasadena, PASADENA FILM OFFICE - FLICS

Within 30-mile Zone: Y

State Property: N

Closed / Vacant: N

Building Materials: Concrete

Location Details

Rose Bowl

United States / Pasadena, California
Location ID: #2880
Football/soccer stadium with grass playing surface, boiler rooms, tunnels, bars and nightclubs, restaurants, training rooms, scoreboard, announcer's or press box, seating capacity of more than 50000, tiered chairs, private boxes, viewing suites. The parking lot can fit more than 100 vehicles, has ticket machines, lighting, toll arm, and ticket booths.

Location Category:

  • SPORTS - [General];
  • SPORTS - Arenas / Stadiums / Stadia


1001 Rose Bowl Drive
Pasadena, California 91103
County: Los Angeles
Region: *Los Angeles
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