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Reikowsky, Jim *
Film Liaison, Vallejo / Solano County Film Office
289 Mare Island Way, Vallejo, CA 94590 USA
707.642.3653 phone 1
707.321.1818 mobile

Zadwick, Ken
President, Mare Island Historic Park Foundation
328 Seawind Drive, Vallejo, CA 94590 USA
707.557.0662 / 707.649.8024 phone 1
707.557.4646 phone 2
707.552.3266 fax

Walter, Mark
General Manager, Mare Island
975 Walnut Ave., Quarters 19, Mare Island, Vallejo,, CA 94592
707.651.9856 phone 1
707.651.9864 phone 2
310.703.9995 mobile

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Keywords: Alleys; Coastal; Fireplaces; Flooring - Wood Floors; Kitchens - Residential Kitchens; Library / Libraries; Paneling / Paneled Walls; Patios / Alfresco / Sidewalk; Staircases - Exterior Staircases; Staircases - Interior Staircases; Suburban

General Notes: updated 10.20.2016 lb

Usage Restriction: Home is not lived in.


Within 30-Mile Studio Zone: N

State Property: N

Closed/Vacant: Y

: Wood

Location Details

Mare Island Quarters B

United States / Vallejo, California
Location ID: #6083
4+ bedroom mansion with square footage of 6000-9000 sits on 1 acre of land. Located in military base. Interior architecture include ceiling height of 10'-12', stairway entry. Exterior architecture include porch and peaked roof. Mansion includes leaded windows, walk-in closet, formal dining room, grand entry hall, attic, living room, bathroom, paved asphalt vehicular accommodation, front yard, back yard. Street features period lamp posts, sidewalk, tree-lined street. The mansion is visible from the street.

Location Category:

  • RESIDENTIAL - Mansions / Estates

Architecture Style:

  • Colonial / Georgian


822 Walnut Avenue
Vallejo, California 94592
County: Solano
Region: *Northern

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