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Weisberg, Tracy *
Supervising State Park Ranger, Mendocino Sector
15700 N. Highway One, Fort Bragg, CA 95437
707.964.3689 phone 1
707.937.5804 Main Line phone 2
707.937.2953 fax

Davis, Brandy
Permit Coordinator - Buildings / Facilities / Central & Northern California Parks, California Film Commission - as of 7.16.2018 & 1.25.2019
7080 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 900, Hollywood, CA 90028 USA
323.860.2960 x 106 phone 1
323.860.2972 fax

Davis, Sharon
Film Commissioner, Mendocino County Film Commission
217 S. Main Street, Fort Bragg, CA 95437 USA
707.961.6302 phone 1
707.961.6300 phone 2
707.813.7574 mobile

Margerison, Heidi
Special Events Cordinator, Mendocino Sector - California State Parks
707.937.5721 phone 1

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Jug Handle State Natural Reserve webpage
Park Brochure

Keywords: Anytown USA / Anywhere USA; Coastal; Parking - Flat Surface Parking; Plateau; Public Restrooms; Staircases - Exterior Staircases; Stream / Creek; Trails; Tree Canopy / Tree Tunnel; Wilderness

Site Condition: The headlands area of Jug Handle SNR, located just north of the Jug Handle Beach, offers trails through mainly wild grassy terrain with open scenic views of the ocean.

General Notes: Updated: 05/10/12 cjm, 6/30/2015 ca, 10/23/2015 lb, 1/20/2016 lb, 3/2/16 gb, 6/18/18 kl / 8.20.2018 sd / 12.28.2018 lm


Within 30-mile Zone: N

State Property: Y

Closed / Vacant: N

Ownership: state

Permit: Yes, state

Location Details

Jug Handle State Natural Reserve (SNR)

United States / Caspar, California
Location ID: #7620
Jug Handle State Natural Reserve is located on the Mendocino coast. The park features a 2.5-mile self-guided nature trail called The Ecological Staircase which explores five wave-cut terraces formed by glacier, sea and tectonic activity that built the coast range.
Each of the terraces was uplifted from sea level about 100,000 years before the one below it. Plants on each terrace represent a more advanced stage in succession, indicating what the previous, next lower terrace may look like in 100,000 years. The lowest terrace consists of prairie; the second is covered with pines; the third supports a unique pigmy forest with knee-high trees possibly several decades old.

Location Category:

  • NATURAL LANDSCAPES / PARKS - Forests / Woodlands;
  • NATURAL LANDSCAPES / PARKS - Open Terrain / Scenic Vistas;
  • TRANSPORTATION - [General];
  • WATER & COASTAL AREAS - [General];
  • WATER & COASTAL AREAS - Beaches / Coastline

Location Address

45100 Caspar Frontage Rd
and Jefferson Way
Caspar, California 95420
County: Mendocino
Region: *Northern
Phone: (707) 937-5804
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