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Margerison, Heidi *
Special Events Cordinator, Mendocino Sector - California State Parks
707.937.5721 phone 1

Weisberg, Tracy *
Supervising State Park Ranger, Mendocino Sector
15700 N. Highway One, Fort Bragg, CA 95437
707.964.3689 phone 1
707.937.5804 Main Line phone 2
707.937.2953 fax

Davis, Brandy
Permit Coordinator - Buildings / Facilities / Central & Northern California Parks, California Film Commission - as of 7.16.2018 & 1.25.2019
7080 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 900, Hollywood, CA 90028 USA
323.860.2960 x 106 phone 1
323.860.2972 fax

Davis, Sharon
Film Commissioner, Mendocino County Film Commission
217 S. Main Street, Fort Bragg, CA 95437 USA
707.961.6302 phone 1
707.961.6300 phone 2
707.813.7574 mobile

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Montgomery Woods State Natural Reserve
Park Brochure (updated 2018)

Keywords: Coastal; Stream / Creek; Trails; Tree Canopy / Tree Tunnel; Valleys; Wilderness

Site Condition: Good. In 2008, a lightning strike resulted in the low-intensity Orr Complex wildfire which scorched the perimeter of the park. The old groves have been left untouched with much of the perimeter regenerated. A few trees near the grove are observed having scorched bark.

General Notes: The reserve is located 15 miles east of the small town of Comptche and 13 miles west from Ukiah, past Orr's Mineral Hot Springs resort. updated 5.17.2010 pk, 6.30.2015 ca / 9.18.2015 / 10.20.2015 lb/ 5.22.2018 kl / Updated 4.23.2020 BD


Within 30-mile Zone: N

State Property: Y

Closed / Vacant: N

Ownership: state

Location Details

Montgomery Woods State Natural Reserve (SNR)

United States / Comptche, California
Location ID: #7679
Montgomery Woods is a park reserve of currently 2743 acres in the heart of the Coast Range. Accessible from a small parking lot where it leads up a moderately steep 3/4 mile trail and into magnificent coastal groves of old redwood trees with streams and a lush beautiful fern forest. A two mile trail weaves into a loop around the grove with wooden walkways in places. A popular destination for visitors seeking a remote and tranquil atmosphere.

Location Category:

  • NATURAL LANDSCAPES / PARKS - Forests / Woodlands;
  • TRANSPORTATION - [General];
  • TRANSPORTATION - Bridges - Pedestrian Bridges

Location Address

15825 Orrsprings Road
Comptche, California 95427
County: Mendocino
Region: *Northern
Phone: (707) 937-5804
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